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Project 1 FEATURE.jpeg

In-Law Addition: Living Room

Crown molding lights illuminate this beautiful new living room, with supplemental lighting from the recessed ceiling lights. A dimmer switch allows the homeowner to adjust the crown molding lights, creating the perfect ambiance for any occasion. The sconce lights around the mounted television provide stylish accent lighting. We loved collaborating with 4B Construction on this project. 

Bathroom Remodel

This spacious modern bathroom is light and bright—even on the darkest day. We installed recessed lights in the ceiling, and cut into the mirrors to add modern vanity lights. A new vent fan and recessed lighting were also installed above the shower.

Project 2 FEATURE .jpeg
project 3 FEATURE.jpeg

Kitchen Remodel

The recessed lighting we installed in this stylish kitchen keeps it light and bright—whatever the time of day. The lighting under the cabinets provides additional workspace lighting. The under-island lighting highlights the detail of the paneling and can serve as a nightlight for those looking for a bedtime snack.

Sunroom Addition

This was another collaborative project with 4B Construction. The client wanted something different from traditional overhead lights, so we installed crown molding lighting in this spacious sunroom. The sleek wall sconces around the room provide supplemental lighting. To increase the space’s functionality, we installed plenty of floor outlets.

project 4 FEATURE.jpeg
PROJECT 5 feature.jpeg

Contemporary Lighting & a Big Ass Fan

We wired this high-ceiling home to include modern Kable Tech lighting on the walkway and a Big Ass Fan (actual company name) in the great room. The cable lighting and industrial-inspired fan bring a contemporary flare to this beautiful home.